Fishbowl Participants

Jan van Dam – Wageningen University & Research 
Jan van Dam

Since 1990 Jan works at Wageningen University & Research centre’s Food & Biobased Research. Besides that Jan is one of the most experienced coaches of the Strawberry Earth Academy which is an initiative with a mission “to inspire people to make social, green and ridiculously nice choices”. He develops chemicals and materials that use biomass instead of fossil resources. The aim of the department is to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life. Jan has direct access to the latest scientific findings and have a firm grasp of what modern technology offers. He is making smart connections between various disciplines, investigates and develops at all stages: upscaling from lab to pilot and from initial idea to the production processes that deliver real products.



Aniela Hoitink – Neffa

Aniela HoitinkAniela Hoitink is a creative and innovative fashion-designer. Aniela studied Fashion at the Utrecht School of Arts and later worked for several companies such as Tommy Hilfiger and Gaastra. She then started her own company Neffa in 2014, where she is exploring new technologies and new ways of expressing creativity.   Some of these technologies are:  Dynamic skin – creating fabric’s own metabolism; MycoTEX -growing textile of Mycelium and Solar inbetween – sustainable and self-regulating curtain with flexible solar panels, heating & LED.

Through a multi- and interdisciplinary way of working, by altering or adding properties to textile and studying the different aspects (colour change, growth, nurture) of the skin Neffa is researching how textile and clothes will act in the future. Neffa is interested in mimicking the skin and all its dynamic, changeable and living aspects. Aniela helps companies, research institutes and universities with the integration of their (bio) technology into textile prototypes and designs to make them more appealing for a specific target group or a wider audience. Aniela is the winner of multiple awards such as:  Fashion For Good accelerator program (2017) for the technology “MycoTEX” and  LAUNCH Systems Challenge (2013)Shortlist for “Solar fiber”.

Peter Koppert – Modint, Branch organization fashion  
Peter Koppert

Peter is a manager of innovation and sustainability at Modint since 2008. Modint is the industry network of manufacturers, importers, agents and wholesalers in clothing, fashion accessories, carpet and (interior) textile. About 600 companies belong to the Modint network. These companies have a combined turnover of € 9 billion annually in the Netherlands and more than 50% of it is exported. The mission of Modint is to build valuable, healthy future for the clothing sector. Modint is a benchmark in the fashion, interior, carpet and textile industry and stands for sustainability, innovation and expertise with the visibility both in The Netherlands and abroad.


Judith van Leeuwen – Wageningen University & Research

Judith van Leeuwen

Judith’s field of interest and expertise lies in the changing role of public and private actors, specifically corporate actors, in global environmental and marine governance. Her research looks into how authority is dispersed between public and private actors in hybrid settings where both state-led as well as market-based governance arrangements come together. The changing authority of corporate actors and the accountability of these actors is in particular a focus of her current research. In addition, she looks into the social license to operate of various marine sectors to analyze how companies and sectors are accountable not only to the government, but also to wider society.


Roosmarie Ruigrok – Clean & Unique

“Starting a sustainable supply chain is finding out the DNA of your company.”


Starting as a textile buyer, Roosmarie Ruigrok discovered her passion in fair supply chains. After selling her own company, Promax Corporate Fashion, she worked at Amnesty International, Fair Wear Foundation and as CSR consultant at Elsewear Foundation, known by “Green is the new black. In 2007 Roosmarie founded Clean & Unique. A foundation that helped small brands and starters in fashion to learn more about sustainability. Next to this foundation, Roosmarie worked for Fairtrade as Cotton manager in The Netherlands & Belgium. Today Clean & Unique transformed into an agent for change to create more awareness about sustainability in fashion, workwear & textiles by giving advises, training, workshops, inspiration sessions and organizing events.



Jose Teunissen – State of Fashion


José Teunissen is Dean of the School of Design and Technology at London College of Fashion, UAL, and Professor of Fashion Theory.

José is currently a board member of the Dutch Creative Industries Council, and Chair of the network CLICK/Next Fashion, the Dutch Government innovation network for the creative industries in the Netherlands. In 2015 at ArtEZ, she established the Centre of Expertise Future Makers, a centre dedicated to new making processes in fashion and design. She holds a Visiting Professorship in Fashion Theory and Research at ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, and works as an independent fashion curator. At ArtEZ in 2002, José was one of the first Professors in the Netherlands to conduct research and develop theory in the field of fashion.


Jan Vreeburg – Wageningen University & Research

Jan Vreeburg

Jan Vreeburg is an expert in the field of distribution of potable water, water quality in the networks, asset management and new concepts for design and operation of networks.

Focal point of new research in developing new concepts for collection of domestic and industrial waste water to facilitate recovery and re-use of resources (nutrient, water, carbon) and energy especially in the transition period existing and new cities are going through from the present system of “use and waste” to the new paradigm of recovery and re-use.



Jef Wintermans– SER / Coördinator CKT

Jef Wintermans

Jef Wintermans is currently Coordinator of the Covenant for Sustainable Fashion and Textiles at the SER (Sociaal-Economische Raad / Social Economic Council). The Covenant was signed in 2016 by a series of NGO’s, trade organizations, and companies aiming to make the long and complex chain of production, trade and retail of clothing and textiles more sustainable.

Wintermans worked for almost 15 years as a director within Modint. MODINT is the entrepreneurial organization for Fashion, Interior, Carpet and Textile. He played a key role in important cases and had many achievements among others, in the field of European trade policy, competition issues, fire textile innovation for the industry and of course in International Corporate Social Responsibility.