A Kick-off was organised by the BISC-E organisation featuring Kees de Gooijer, Chief Inspiration Officer of TKI-BBE. Four groups of students were invited to come with new biobased solution.

Later a small group of student visited the BIG-C meet-up in Eindhoven. They discussed about three major themes: Aviation fuels, Syngas (C1 gas) applications and Aromatic compounds of woody biomass. BIG-C is an international collaboration with organisations from the Netherlands, Germany (Nordrhein Westfalen) and Belgium (Vlaanderen).

In june IBBESS held its second conference in which experts and students improved the projects of the students. The jury of the BIOFOREVER group, Gerlinde van Vilsteren and Roel Bol chose the best outcome of the groups.

Keynote Speakers

Emiel Wubben (Wageningen University and Research)

EmielHe is Associate Professor Strategic
Management at Wageningen UR, and Research
Fellow of W ASS. He is Doctor in Economics by
Erasmus University Rotterdam. Till 2001, he was
Assistant Professor Strategy and Business
Environment at the Rotterdam School of
Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Roel Bol (former Dutch government official)

RoelFormer head of Green Growth and Director of
Biobased Economy at the Ministry of Economic
Affairs of the Netherlands. He also was the
Director of Trade and Industry and Fisheries at
the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management
and Food Quality. Today he is an Associate
Partner at Dr2 Consultants

Fishbowl Participants

Mark Geerts (Ceo PaperFoam)

MarkSince 1998, PaperFoam uses sustainable, low
carbon and recyclable materials in place of
paper and plastic mainstream alternatives.
Starch, natural fibers, water and premix are all
combined to produce the effective packaging
molds which are also biodegradable.


Wouter Winden (DSM)

WouterPrincipal Scientist Fermentation at DSM and
former Assistant Professor of Metabolomics at
Delft University. Royal DSM is a global science based
company active in health, nutrition and
materials. By connecting its unique
competences in Life Sciences and Materials
Sciences DSM is driving economic prosperity,
environmental progress and social advances to
create sustainable value for all stakeholders

Mark Imandt  (Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging KIDV)

Mark IThe Netherlands Institute for Sustainable
Packaging (KIDV) was established in 2013 to
contribute to a circular economy for packaging
materials. Circular packaging means that
packaging is designed, produced and processed
in such a way that can be renewed, reduced, reused
and recycled. Thus, we create new
economic opportunities become less dependent
on other countries for raw materials, and it
benefits the environment.

Emma van der Leest (Form Follows Organism)

EmaEmma co-created a yellow intelligent slime mold
to find out if she can use an organism to create
smart patterns and designs, based on the
biological algorithm. Her product is a new
design paradigm, centered on cultivating
materials with living cells who are cultured and
engineered to synthesize natures materials but
with new functional and aesthetic properties.