To make a biobased economy possible we need innovation, joint effort and new forms of cooperation. Most of the innovation is currently happening outside the student environment. From experience, we know that students are eager to contribute to this transition and are looking for networking opportunities within companies. With the International Biobased Economy Students SymbioSUM (IBBESS) we provide the missing link.

IBBESS has the mission to inspire and facilitate the connection of (especially) students, businesses, academia, institutions, politics, media and the general public in order to catalyze and accelerate the transition to a BioBased Economy, ultimately creating a BioBased Society.

From the success of 2016, we are launching the second edition in Wageningen together with the national challenge: BISC-E

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For more information look at our Wageningen University website

Only attending the conference…

  • The SymbioSUM features a one-day Conference and Think Tank.
  • Speakers are experts from politics, economy and science
  • Industry leaders and companies already in the transition to the biobased economy will comment on their current activities.
  • Motivated students from various disciplines join their efforts in the Think Tank to create innovative approaches to challenges of the biobased economy.
  • With the 2017 challenge ‘BioRefineries in Europe’ IBBESS and the company BIOFOREVER contest students to find the most feasible solutions for biomass production and logistics in the region.
  • IBBESS is anticipated to be an annual event connecting its alumni members through a platform. This hub will provide access to spin-off events, networking

Subscription for Conference: Google Form
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1760375150943813/

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