For the thinktank we had two partners:
Unilever: We challenge you to come up with a novel production and distribution model for margerine spreads, which is unmistakably recognized by consumers as “simple, natural and good for the planet”.

ISPT: The challenge is to identify new value chains using biobased degradable streams in the region Dongen

which incorporates possible business cases and the main competences of the stakeholders in that region.
-Conference attendance of 120 students
-Thinktank attendance of 70 students from multiple

• 9 nationalities from TU Delft, WUR (Wageningen), University of Hohenheim (Germany),
UU (Utrecht).
• 12 out of 18 students said they are further encouraged to find a job within the BBE.

• 10 out of 18 said to know just a bit about the BBE before IBBESS, now 14 out of 18 is confident to explain it


The conference was comprised of three lecture blocks

  • Principles of BBE
  • Biobased Industry
  • Biobased Society

In between the lectures blocks, there were Biobased Inspiration Stands (BioBIS), in which institutes, consortia and companies were able to show their work contributing to the biobased economy.

If you are interested in attending next year’s biobased activities with your organisation, please mail talks@ibbess.org

The team was very happy to host the following speakers: