In August a new organisation is formed to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable biobased economy: The Federation Bio-economy Netherlands. More than 100 organisations and persons in the Dutch biobased realm have become member in order to bundle forces in order to have more cross collaboration, to prevent double-work and to do more promotion towards private and public organisations to go biobased.

An important feature of the FBN is that youngsters are actively engaged. They are the future generation that can already contribute to the transition and are eager to learn the current leaders in industry, policy and science that strive for a more sustainable economy build on renewable resources from agriculture.

On 21 and 23 November two events are hosted to ask students how they view a sustainable bioeconomy in 2030 and 2050. The goal of these events is that youngsters build an image how such an economic system would look like: Bio-vision FBN

21 November: Nutrientneutral (sold out), New event: KIVI Circular economy Wageningen

WereldlezingCheck the WUR website for more information. This event sets the discussion how we should set-up our agriculture system for a sustainable circular economy. Application are full.

Students are able to apply for the yearly KIVI congress in Wageningen:

23 November: Biovisioning

From 18:00-21:00 Impuls (see location down the page) is open to discuss with professionals in Agriculture and Biobased Chemistry and to draw a vision for the bio-economie.

Please subscribe for the event here: