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The Circular Fashion Symposium is the event where students, professors and companies connect to address the challenges of the fashion industry and create innovative solutions for a circular fashion future.

The symposium brings together experts from State of Fashion, Artez, Fashion for Good and Wageningen University & Research. Especially WUR professors working on technological innovations related to circular solutions for the fashion industry. By connecting the expertise from different departments in a panel discussion we can build bridges towards interdisciplinary solutions in circular fashion.

The symposium facilitates knowledge transfer of, among others, the latest technological innovative research, water- and waste management, consumer behaviour change and marketing. The Circular Fashion Symposium is the first step towards an innovative fashion future at Wageningen University & Research.

Circular Fashion Symposium brought to you by Circular Economy Student Hub in collaboration with Impulse, Project organisation 100 years WUR, Art&Exhibition, Artez, State of Fashion. Click here for an overview of our events.

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Final Symp Sched

Fashion After Party

Special reminder after the symposium to join our fashionable after party with great DJ’s at Luca!! See you there!

Location: Luca