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Do you want to learn about the latest development in the Circular Economy? Are you proactive to engage students and experts in policy-making, science or industry? Are you a team-player and do you want your life and Wageningen more circular? Join the Circular Economy Student Hub!!

We are an interdisciplinary student group that puts theory next to practice. We collaborate with large industries and start-ups in order to engage more students to the circular economy. See you soon!

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CESH will visit KIVI

On the 21th of November CESH will attend the KIVI congress in Wageningen. KIVI is the Royal Dutch Institute of Engineers. A lot of lectures will be given about circular economy. You are able to attend the event for free as a student, so come join us and don’t forget to apply

Join the FBN Yought event

Last August, Fons Janssen attended the first meeting of the Federation of the Bioeconomy Netherlands. Different Dutch industries, science groups and innovative regions are collaborating in this national organisation to accelerate towards sustainable, renewable circular products made from biomass.

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Upcoming events 2016-2017


CESH is working decisively to make Wageningen University & Research a natural niche for circular economy knowledge and innovation.

The end of this academic year will mark a new milestone in the history of circular economy in Wageningen. The second edition of IBBESS 2017 comes to consolidate its usefulness in connecting students, academy and companies to come up with real, innovative, circular solutions. It symbolise the emergent compromise of Wageningen University & Research in paving a solid path towards circular initiatives on campus and poses CESH as an active, working student organisation.

Circular Fashion 2017 is CESH’s newest initiative. One more time, students, academy and industry come together, but this time to learn about the state, challenges and examples of circular experiences in the fashion industry. This event represent a double challenge: for CESH represents the possibility to broaden its efforts to involve students in the circular transition, for Wageningen University & Research it represent the possibility to reach new fields of knowledge and business that are intimate linked to its expertise.

For more information, please check our webpage and do not hesitate to contact us, get involved and participate in the activities we are working on!