In the our organisations many students come and go into the wide round world. This page will give an overview of friends that have found an amazing career for sustainability

Stefano Ingallina

After my studies in Wageningen, I am working for the European Union in the taks force for the circular economy stakeholder platform. Please have a look at this link.

“It has a been a pleasure to be part of that small group of people that realised that WUR was missing an active group fostering the importance that relies behind the concepts of Circular and bio based economy.

Circular Economy is an opportunity: for the society, for businesses, for academia.  Going green is beneficial just for the environment , but for businesses as well, providing real savings in terms of raw materials, water and energy. Apart from its environmental and economic benefits, the circular economy also has social advantages, providing new jobs and business models. It represents an important step forward.

In order to achieve  a successful transition,  new generations, academia, businesses, municipalities, regions and Member states have a role to play.

CESH and IBBESS are contributing to achieve this circular dimension.

Join and support us ! You don’t have anything to loose ! Everything goes around in circles !