We believe that Wageningen UR has the potential to become a leading hub for research and education in circular economy and it is our mission to make this a reality. In order to achieve our mission, we are pursuing the following two goals:

1. Connect
We reach out to companies, NGOs, researchers and students that are engaged in circular economy to establish a platform where these actors can collaboratively address topics within the field of circular economy.

2. Empower
In collaboration with researchers and organisations, we develop educational options that empower students with both technical and practical experience on transitioning to a circular economy.


The Life Cycle of CESH

CESH flower of life CESH text.pngThe flower symbolises the flourishing development of the Circular BioEconomy. It grows, but also needs a lot of gentle care. From the bottom, you start with our key partners, which give us the nutrients. The roots of our organisation are entrenched in the massive network to germinate seedling. The sun WUR gives us the key resources so that we get the energy to grow.

A seedling starts first with small leaves to get more surface for the sun. We organise recruitment and circular talks about our results of the previous accomplishments for students in Wageningen to increase knowledge about the existence of our organisation.

Besides we are in strong contact with the study associations so that we have enough ambitious students working on the events that year. We organise small-scale events such as open talks and workshops where we create interactive discussions around special themes within the circular bioeconomy. These small leaves give the sap that powers our organisation.

Besides the leaves, the flower also obtains some small branches. This symbolises the journeys we make towards events and companies to make vlogs and bring these events closer to the students. Often these events have no student visitors. However, experts are very pleased to talk with the new generation. The major stem represents the triple helix of business, policy and science and also the Facebook timeline. We send newsletters and relevant developments in the circular bioeconomy to get students involved with the developments in industry, policy and technology.

When the plant starts to grow, 2 larger leaves will be developed. One of them is the career event in Wageningen. Our organisation can play a supplementary and auxiliary role to attract more companies to WUR. Moreover, the career event is also a good network event for our organisation to increase our partner network.

The second large leave will be the exposition (the Expo). It will be a showcase of a certain industry or daily product applied to the CBE.  All these leaves give us enough power to grow a flower, which represents the SymbioSUM event. The flower is the symbol of flourishing innovation. After our innovation project, the flower gets germinated and generates seedlings. These seedlings are multiple, some will be viable and result in innovation projects with internship of the concerned students, other will result in new business by the students themselves: entrepreneurship.