Welcome to the Circular Economy Student Hub!

170602-Circular Fashion Symposium 2017-87
Felipe, Elke, Aymar, Laura, Dieuwertje, Zsolt, Conor, Fons

The circular Economy Student Hub (CESH) is an organisation made possible by a team of students, all passionate about creating a more sustainable world and we are working to facilitate a transition to a biobased and circular economy. We believe that the Netherlands and its universities have the potential to become a leading hub for research and education in circular economy and it is our mission to make this a reality.

In order to achieve our mission, we are pursuing the following two goals; Connect – We reach out to companies, NGOs, researchers and students that are engaged in circular economy to establish a platform where these actors can collaboratively address topics within the field of circular economy. Empower – In collaboration with researchers and organisations, we develop educational options that empower students with both technical and practical experience on transitioning to a circular economy.